We Have Wireless (At Last)

Getting wireless to work on my new HP Pavilion (zv5320us) turned out to be a much bigger pain than originally anticipated. Try as I might, I couldn’t see my access point. I tried using ndiswrapper to wrap several different drivers with no success. I learned a few new commands, including iwlist, which can be used to scan for access points. My system could see none, though my own router was within four feet of the computer. Finally, it occurred to me to try pushing the little “wireless” button that lies above the function keys. On my last laptop, pushing the wireless button had no effect — wireless was just on. But sure enough, when I toggled the button on and ran iwlist, I could see not only my access point, but two other access points within range. I still couldn’t connect, though. I had been having occasional problems with my access point lately anyway, and so I thought I might as well try to update the firmware, something I haven’t done since I bought the router well over a year ago. And that did the trick. At last, I write this from my couch after much frustration.

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