I was clearing out some room in the fridge the other day to make room for a bunch of chili we had cooked and found this bowl of… something hiding behind some other things. I have no idea what lies beneath the mold, but I found the mold actually kind of lovely. And also revolting.



Of my two grandfathers, I only ever knew one, and he died when I was a toddler. This is the other one, my mom’s dad. I understand he was not the best guy in the world, but otherwise I know very little about him. He laid tile by trade if I recall correctly, and I believe he flew airplanes as a hobby, though perhaps it was a commercial concern too. At any rate, here’s the only picture of him I know of. My mother found it years ago and I’ve had a copy ever since. I attach no sentimental value to it, but he sure does look swell all decked out for a flight, like somebody out of an old movie.

The Kitchen

Not that you really care, but here’s a little set of photos I took in our kitchen tonight. I have no illusions that I’m a good photographer (I know jack about composition), but it was fun. I post this mostly as a reminder that I’m a bona fide flickr user now. See that thing showing a few photos over in the right sidebar there? Those’re just the ones I opt to display to the general public. If you want to see all the cute photos of Lennie and all the hot naked shots I take of myself (and shots of me wearing various outfits, playing characters such as “Policeman Daryl” and “Showgirl Daryl”), you should sign up for a flickr account (it’s free for the basic access, which is sufficient for most people) and add me as a contact. Else you’re missing out. Showgirl Daryl comes around but once a year.