A couple of weeks ago while I was mowing the lawn, a little bunny ran out and tried to fling itself under my mower. This was not my first run-in with bunnies in the yard, though I would not have you, reader, imagine me as some Mr. McGregor chasing rabbits out of my garden. I think bunnies are cute. But, a few years ago, there was an unfortunate and grisly and, I assure you, unintentional bunny mishap as I prepared the ground to put in some new plants. Earlier this year, my dog found a couple of baby bunnies in the yard and made a bit of a mess of them, to the horror of my children, who were in the yard at the time. So when this little varmint flung itself at my mower from out of nowhere, I was horrified but, thankfully and I daresay heroically, I was able to avoid running it over. Later, I found a second bunny, and both are pictured above. I was shocked at how close they let me get. I didn’t spend much time looming over them, as I didn’t want to terrify them any more than was necessary to document that I am not a monster.

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