Birthday Troll

Some of our close friends have a son who turned 18 this year and whom we’ve known since he was about 2 years old. As he’s gotten older and has begun to value money more than toys and such as gifts, we’ve rolled with his preferences, but not without making it a little (good-naturedly) tough on him. For example, one year, we gave him a box full of something like $47 worth of unrolled pennies. This year, we were especially late in getting a gift to him (we see our friends just a few times a year), and I felt like we needed to make the gift opening experience especially memorable to make up for our tardiness. I had been doing some wood working (if you can call my rustic efforts wood working) and decided to make him a box, pictured below.

Although I am no expert carpenter, the workmanship on this box is especially rough by design. There was a very real risk of getting a splinter or possibly even tetanus if he didn’t handle the box pretty carefully. I used some nails and some heavy-duty cabinetry screws (which I had on hand from a recent replacement of our kitchen cabinets). Inside the box I put several checks for random odd amounts and with silly memo lines like “For your 7th birthday” and “For singing lessons” (my wife’s inspiration, so that should we hear him singing badly in the future, we can ask him what he did what that money we gave him for singing lessons). I also threw some random coins into the box so that it would rattle, and this necessitated that I goop over some of the cracks left by my crude joinery with wood filler. I suppose this rigamarole seems a little mean, but that’s the relationship we have with this kid, and he loved it.

He spent something like thirty minutes trying to get into the box and finally triumphed by drilling a bunch of holes into it.


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