Maisy Update

We’ve had Maisy for a little over a month now, and it’s been a pretty mixed experience for us. Shortly after we got Maisy, M got a job outside the home after years without one, and in retrospect, we should probably have waited and made one major life change at a time.

On the whole, Maisy is a good dog. She’s sweet and playful, and it’s mostly worth the bruises and scratches and bite marks I persistently sport now. Her paws may have scratched up our nice wood floors, but at least she’s only destroyed small parts of a few pieces of furniture, a bunch of toys, and most recently her nice soft bed.

She’s actually coming along a bit in her training. I started an obedience class with her this week. We had already been working on her learning her name and “sit,” and now we’re working on a couple of other commands. She’s starting to grok “down,” but I’m less optimistic about her understanding a few of the other commands any time soon.

In spite of the havoc she has wrought in our routines and on our home, I’m enjoying her. I feel like I spend more time giving her attention now than I do my kids, and I’m eager for that to taper off as she continues to become integrated into our lives (and us into hers), but she’s enriched my life a bit, if perhaps not yet as much as she has complicated it.

3 thoughts on “Maisy Update

  1. How old is Maisy? What a darling! She looks an awfully lot like our 2 year old Maggie who is a labrador retriever mix with a secondary cross of Siberian Husky. Our Maggie is a nervous Nelly indeed and loves to get into things. We got her from the SPCA in May and I love her dearly!

    • She’s still a puppy then so still at the rambunctious stage. She will settle. We got Maggie when she was a year and a half from the shelter. Her nervousness is ingrained in her but she is coming along. Good luck with Maisy. She will do her best to please and will always be your loyal friend. 🙂

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