With Halloween just passed and having thought recently of some photos my dad scanned a few years ago, I decided to go back and find some of my childhood Halloween photos. I also remember being the Hulk one year, and I had a great homemade E.T. costume another year that I wish I had photos of. The year my sister and I followed a Star Wars theme was among the best.

Halloween 2 1981.jpg

1981. I guess I was the burger king? That’s supposed to be a beard, I think.

Halloween 10 1983.JPG

The saddest pirate. I think this was the makeup for a pirate costume my dad wore as a kid, which I wore to some Fall Festival, though my actual trick-or-treating costume for that year appears below.

Halloween 5 1983.JPG

Procure candy you must.

Halloween 7 1983.JPG

This was in 1983. My mom crocheted the snake around my neck and my sister’s Leia wig. In fact, everything but the mask was homemade, including the nifty utility belt.

2 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. I’m dying from the cute.
    Pretty sure the king isn’t Burger King, but in some way Arthurian. We all had the free crown, so why not use it?
    We have a photo from 1977 with the same costumes, but the dreadful drugstore plastic tie-on versions, no snake. Your mom is AWESOME.

  2. dllh says:

    It occurs to me suddenly that the king might actually be biblical and not in fact a Halloween costume at all. I played roles in all sorts of church plays as a kid.

    The Yoda mask was plastic, but all the rest was homemade. I really regret that I don’t have photos of the E.T. costume, which was even more magnificent.

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