4 thoughts on “Dig

  1. Duly noted and mentioned to the Family Beer Drinker.

    Fabulous name. I’d like permission to use the photo (with credit and link) for a post on the name. No biggie if you decline. FBD will buy some soon.

    • Sure, you’re welcome to use the photo, with or without credit/link. This is the same brewery that makes Fat Tire, by the way. I’m so-so on Fat Tire but really really like their enlightened black ale — yclept “1554” — which if FBD is into such beers might also be worth checking out.

      • FBD buys Fat Tire by the case. I recognized New Belgium right away. I dig their Tour de Fat and think they rock the beer branding and marketing.

        I might be in the enlightened black ale market.. The name 1554 rocks, too, and I can only be convinced to drink beer if it’s a stout or a reference to the awesome upheaval of the sixteenth century. That NB offers both means I must try it. 😉

      • Greg says:

        A friend left a bunch of 1554’s in my fridge last week and I finally had one (or two) last night. I was really impressed. Going to have to buy that more regularly.

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