Moby-Dick in Pictures

Here’s a quick reblog of a post I wrote for the literature/reading blog I’ve run (or in the last year neglected) for a couple of years now.

In a nutshell, a book I’ve long been waiting for has finally come out, and it’s a wonderful book. Even if you’re not into Moby-Dick, the art in the book is so distinctive that it’s worth a look. Of course, you can get a look at electronic copies at author Matt Kish’s site, and if you’re so taken by one that you’d like to buy it, you can do that too.

Having this book land at last on my doorstep felt like Christmas. A couple of photos:

The book and its gorgeous box. It's a big book.

I bought the original of the Fin Back months ago and can now see it miniaturized in the book.

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