Falafel Burrito

Tonight, I had no dinner ideas. Usually I’m wholly reliant on recipes, but this evening it was come up with something from the pantry or go hungry (or eat out, which I didn’t want to do). My invention? The falafel burrito. I had bought a box of falafel mix the other night and decided to whip that out. We had some tortilla shells that I opted to use in lieu of a thicker, more standard, flatbread. I rummaged through the freezer for some peas and chopped up some nearly wilted lettuce and voila, a dinner I was frankly a little skeptical about but that the kids chowed. The falafel I’ve made from scratch before is better than the boxed stuff but also a heck of a lot more of a pain. I served this with applesauce on the side (since I was already pretty far afield of tradition).


Start with a tortilla and some falafel. My falafel patties sort of crumbled, which turned out to be just fine for this treatment.


Add some peas.


A little lettuce.


Boom. Falafel burrito.

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