This week, we had new flooring put in our bathrooms and kitchen. For the kitchen, we chose a gray tile that turns out to have a lot of sandy highlights. While the sandy color wasn’t exactly what we had bargained for, it actually turns out to complement very well our light-colored cabinets and some of the highlights in our mottled, dark countertops.

What color grout should we use?

Here we're debating what color grout to use. We settled on the dark one -- called charcoal -- which in person is actually somewhere between the dark color pictured here and the next darkest.

Kitchen floor grouted

Here's the kitchen floor with grout freshly applied. You can still see the swirly marks from where they smeared the grout in and sponged the excess off.

Kids' bathroom

Here's the kids' bathroom freshly grouted. The stuff is drying much lighter than it looked in the sample and is pictured here. It's very nearly an off-white, in fact, which is fine aesthetically, until it starts to be caked in grime.

Bath tub

Here's a dark shot of the bath tub, which really does look quite nice in person. Too bad we never use the tub.

2 thoughts on “Grout

  1. Well, Daryl, it’s been a while. Seems you keep popping up as a potential contact for me at LinkedIn (which I hardly ever use). So I googled your new company. Not sure what it is you do but if you earn a living doing it and from home still, that’s great. Seems that tub did get some use at one point….growing potatoes, was it? Hello to your lovely wife & children.

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