A new sink and more painting and moving.

This past weekend we rented a Uhaul and moved all the large stuff into the house. While our plumber installed the new sink we put down a first coat of light grey on the 2nd bedroom.

3 thoughts on “A new sink and more painting and moving.

  1. Mom and Dad says:

    Wow, the house is really shaping up. We love the new color on the walls. We also think the sink looks super, so much nicer than the other and it makes the bathroom bigger. The white sink top also pulls in the cabinet and the paint job makes it all look great. Two rooms done for sure now…. bedroom and bathroom. We can’t believe how much you got done. Did you both move all the stuff or did you have help? GREAT job!!

  2. Brian says:

    That is looking fancy. Glad you guys were able to get some of this stuff done before you had to move in. We’ll likely take your advice for our new place. The painting looks great too. Maybe you guys can get a side job on that. We’ll have a few rooms you can practice. 🙂

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