I had a dream last night that I was working on location on the coast in a new office (it felt like I was in Victoria, but Flock HQ in Mt. View is actually moving a way down the road to Redwood City, so this is probably a convergence of my recent trip to the Victoria office, which is just a couple of blocks off the water, and the impending move, neither of which actually affects me very much because I work remotely 95% of the time). We were out on sort of a pier, pretty far out. The office itself was, I mean. I could look out a big window (parallel to the pier) and look to the left to see that our office was easily 50 or 100 yards out from the shore. We began to notice some pretty heavy rolling waves. Oddly enough, they were originating (or more like bouncing back from) the shore. They started getting bigger and bigger. At one point, a heavy wind blasted along the shoreline and did some damage to the buildings (also on a sort of pier) running perpendicular to our pier. The buildings sort of blew over sideways but mostly recovered. It was as if they were made of tin or corrugated plastic or something — a substance that would flap in the wind but would go more or less back to its original position once the wind stopped. Then the rolling waves started getting really big, with both a fairly long period and a high amplitude, to the point that they were nearly at window level. Finally, one of the reverse rollers (remember that these are coming from the shore!) flipped over itself to show a little whitecap, and the next wave broke less than halfway to my window, gathered momentum shockingly quickly, and burst through our building at around chest height. It made a great hollow, roaring, shrieking, exploding sound, and its force was sufficient to physically take my breath away. I literally could not draw breath as the wave was passing through, almost as if the rush of the wave was drawing the oxygen out of my lungs and keeping me from refilling them. Oddly, I don’t think I felt the water or was tossed about by it very much, though it had very definitely burst through our office. And that was it.

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