The Cubs just didn’t seem to be in the game last night. Zambrano was pitching well, and I guess there wasn’t much reason to be fired up until the game got interesting later. Heck, Zambrano had just about the best hitting of the game as well. It’s easy to sit here and Wish Piniella hadn’t pulled Z out for Marmol, but Lou and the commentators are right: Marmol has been a great resource late in games, and last night just wasn’t his night. Changing pitchers late in the game always freaks me out a little if the guy on the mound is throwing the ball well, but I can’t say it was really a rash move. The Cubs play in Arizona again tonight with Lilly starting, and then they head home on Saturday for the next two games (here’s hoping there are two games at home, at any rate!). You can bet I’ll be glued to the TV.

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