Want a couple of grand?

My company is looking to fill a few positions and is offering me a bonus for any hires I refer who accept a job and stick around. Because I’m lazy, I’m willing to give $2K – $3K (depending on the position filled) of my potential bonus to any who do the legwork and refer successful hires to me. The rules:

  1. Hire date must be before June 26.
  2. Bonus only applies after the hire has been working for 3 months and provided I’m still with the company (I don’t anticipate leaving).
  3. Hire can’t come from a job networking database, etc.
  4. Hire can’t already have applied to Flock recently.

In other words, this has to be somebody my company’s not likely to find through the usual channels and who’s really looking in earnest for a job. Basically, I get a bonus if I refer somebody we hire long-term to the company, and I’m eager to share a significant portion of the wealth with anybody who can help get me that bonus.

So, the positions we’re hiring for:

  • Experience / User Interaction Designer
  • (Senior) Software Engineer
  • Graphics Designer
  • Senior Manager, Business and Consumer Analytics
  • Senior Manager, Product Marketing
  • Configuration Developer
  • QA Engineer

We have hired people recently who did not live in California or Canada (our two main offices), so geography may not be a limiting factor, though it’s probably better to attract someone who’d be willing to live in Mountain View or Victoria.

Please have any interested candidates email me directly (daryl at learnhouston.com, with “flock job” somewhere in the subject line so I can keep my junk filters from catching it), and also forward me the names of any who you refer, so that I can make sure you get proper credit. I’ll confirm receipt, so if you don’t hear from me, you got caught in my filters. I can provide more info about job descriptions upon request but am for the moment sparing myself the extra work. 🙂

I encourage you to make a little pyramid scheme of this, doling out part of your potential bonus to others in your network who may have contacts in need of a job.

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