House for sale

With the pending baby comes a need for more space to put our family in. Pictured here is the house we’re currently living in and need to sell before we can move on. It’s about 1620 square feet with (at least) the following amenities:

  • fenced back yard
  • extra-wide garage
  • neighborhood pool and playground
  • big-ass kitchen that we’re really going to miss
  • big-ass living room with vaulted ceiling that we’re really going to miss
  • big master bedroom with cavernous walk-in closet and whirlpool tub
  • vaulted ceiling in one of the two smaller bedrooms (both of which are about 11×13, which isn’t terribly small)
  • bay-window in the dining nook (no formal dining room, though)
  • gas logs
  • pretty good attic space

When we’ve thought in the past about what we’d like in a new home, we’ve agreed that we wished we could have our current house with an extra room or two. It has a superb layout, a kitchen that’s almost too big (because all the counter space makes it easy to leave dishes out unwashed for days at a time), a living room that makes you feel like you’re not in a room at all, a very comfy master with more closet space than I’ve seen in a home less than $400K, and two other perfectly nice, above average (I’m guessing) sized bedrooms. Who could ask for anything more? (Err, besides us, as we’re clearly asking for more square footage.)

So, if you happen to need a nice little house or know of someone who does, I hope you’ll let me know and set up an appointment to swing by for a look.

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