I waited a few days to blog this because Perry and Mike blogged it near-simultaneously, and I wanted to have a little space between all the KnoxBloggers posts on the KnoxBloggers web site. Huh?

So, is a little site Mike and Perry and I set up to support the blogging tools meetup group we’re sort of the ring leaders of. The front page aggregates blog posts of designated users (hence my wanting time between posts about the site itself; else there’d’ve been three posts in a row saying more or less the same thing). There’s also an about page where area bloggers can scrape source code for a button to promote the site. Then there are tools and services pages, where we’ll list and point to posts/discussion about the topics we discuss at our meetings. And you can find information about upcoming meetups at the site as well.

If you’re interested in tools used for blogging and are in the Knoxville area, check it out, maybe sign up at the site, attend our second meeting next week (topic podcasting), and maybe you’ll get your site’s content aggregated on the site eventually. For whatever that’s worth.

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