Flock in Print

I picked up Cal Henderson’s Building Scalable Web Sites the other night hoping to learn something about “The Flickr Way” of building scalable web sites. I’m about halfway through and have mixed feelings so far about its usefulness for my purposes, but I couldn’t help feeling a little thrill when I encountered a reference to Flock on page 142. This portion of the book gives a brief explanation of the http request/response life cycle, and Cal happened to be using Flock while generating his example request (which returns a 404, if you’re interested, though the example suggests otherwise 😉 ).

I suppose I shouldn’t have been terribly surprised to see a Flock reference in a book by a guy from Web 2.0 darling Flickr. That Lloyd and Cal are buddies (there are photos to prove it) and that Cal has been spotted at SuperHappyDevHouses (the creation and proliferation of which past Flockers Termie and Factoryjoe have been instrumental in) should have rendered it even less of a surprise. Still, when I saw the example, I flopped the book down and exclaimed to my wife, “Hey, Flock’s in this book! Woo hoo!”

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