Late-night confessions

From a late-night IRC conversation with a Flock staffer and a Flock community member. It’s sort of a running joke that, a Southerner, I partake of all the bad habits and am characterized by all the provincialisms generally associated with the South.

daryl: (sorry, it’s late here and I’m working on a blog post entitled “My complex relationship with meat,” so it’s fitting that I should be in a weird mindframe 😉
: mmmmmmmeat
: yosh, I’m occasionally eating meat again
: we ran out of vegetables in Tennessee
: except for tobacco, that is, and it tastes really bad
: well, TN really didn’t have that many
yosh: daryl: tobacco can be good with the right sauce
: like a durian sauce?
yosh: durian-natto sauce
daryl: heh
: actually, I’m mainly eating meat b/c my newly pregnant wife craves it and I’m tired of cooking two meals a night
: heh
[redacted]: daryl: you actually eat tabacco?
: [redacted], it’s a staple in Tennessee
: that and buggering cows 😉
daryl: (no, I don’t eat tobacco)
: (though I am married to my sister, who is also my grandmother and my third cousin six times removed; and my father)
: daryl is his own grandpa
daryl: and grandma
daryl: I’m also my own sandwich
: (my other grandpa having mated with a tobacco plant, that is)
[redacted]: daryl: good (you don’t eat tobacco) 😉
daryl: opium, now that’s a different story 😉

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