Protein bars for women?

While eating a LUNA protein bar today, I happened to notice a section on the wrapper that was some sort of salute or dedication (“to mom”, etc.). Below it is a call to action directing me to compose and send my own LUNA dedication at Weird. So I go to check it out, and the site is clearly targeting women. This makes me look back at the food label, which clearly says “The Whole Nutrition Bar for Women.” I’ve been munching these things for weeks now. At 10 grams of protein with only 5 grams of fat, they’re pretty hard to beat for augmenting the vegetarian diet. Now that I take a closer look at the label, I note that the figures posing in silhouette on it do have feminine figures. I suppose that these bars are, like Secret deodorant, strong enough for a man but made for a woman. I’ll have to check and see if Clif (the makers of the LUNA bar) make anything just for men. In the mean time, I think I’ll just have to power through and continue to be secure in my manhood as I munch on LUNA bars. The smores and the oatmeal raisin ones in particular are tasty treats.

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