Boob or Tube

As of my last update, we had stopped allowing Lennie to nurse. We’ve actually managed to keep it up, and Lennie has had no boobie in almost a week. Initially, she asked for it some, but now she rarely asks, only occasionally suggesting that she be allowed to “cuddle mommy.” As for bedtime, I seem to rule the roost now. Lennie still has boobie associations with lying down or sitting in the rocking chair with M, and so I’ve developed a track record for getting Lennie to sleep and helping her get back to sleep when she wakes up at night. Unfortunately, the most effective method for getting her to sleep at this point is to lie down in front of the TV with her and let it entrance her into sleep. It’s a step, though. I hope to move toward lying down without TV (maybe with music) and then eventually lying down in bed and finally just putting her in bed when it’s bedtime.

By and large, Lennie seems to be sleeping more restfully now (and M usually gets a full night with no interruptions). It’s pretty common for us to get her down by 10:00 or so and for her to sleep alone until 5:00 or 6:00. When she wakes up, I’ve had pretty good success so far lying down and snuggling her back to sleep for two or three more hours and going back to bed myself (or getting up to go to the gym), though this morning, she woke up and I brought her up into bed with us. In any case, 2/3 of us are sleeping better now (my sleep has suffered a bit, but I guess it’s my turn), and I think we can say that we’ve officially weaned.

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