Delinquent Daddy Strikes Again

I gave up hope weeks ago on posting any baby updates of substance. I’m just too far behind. So for now, lest all written records of her recent activity be lost, here’s a quick list of what comes immediately to mind.

  • She can jump (barely — it’s a two-year-old skill) and first showcased this while we were at the beach.
  • She’s terrified of the ocean and will cling to you for dear life and climb up your very body in order to avoid being put down prematurely. Eventually, she warms up to playing in the sand and being walked (clinging very tightly to you) in the shallows. Once or twice, we actually got her in the water briefly, but further exploration of the beach will likely wait until next year.
  • She’s turned into a big swimmer. Terrified as she was of the ocean, she was proportionally enamored of the swimming pool, to the point that we went out and bought her a life vest so she could have a little more freedom.
  • She counts to ten in the proper sequence without skipping any numbers and with verve.
  • She speaks in complete sentences and has brief conversations.
  • She’s begun to express opinions (“no, blue cup” and “purple pants”).
  • She apologizes (after bumping heads, “I’m sorry, Mama”)
  • She asks for “tiny baby,” which is our cradling her in our arms like an infant, often while holding a sippy cup up for her like a bottle.
  • She’s a great singer and can sing most of the alphabet pretty reliably, though with more emphasis on tune than on articulation.
  • She knows concepts like “inside” and “outside” and “light on” and “light off.”

There’s gotta be more, but there’s a start.

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