News, Feeds, RSS

This is hopefully a precursor to something I’ll eventually blog at my work blog. I wanted to solicit feedback from a not-as-technical crowd as the crowd that tends to read that blog, though to be honest, of the five of you who read me on a semi-regular basis, a solid two are at least as technically-inclined as I am, so this isn’t the best sampling either. Anyway, I’d love to have some responses to a couple of questions I’m about to pose. Email me or add a comment to this post. Respond without Googling around to try to find an answer. If you’re a geek, please don’t add any spoilers to the comments for those to whom this stuff may not be second nature. So, the questions:

What do you think “news,” “feeds,” or “RSS” are in the context of web content? If you have at least a vague idea of what these are, do you find the idea useful?

Thanks for any feedback.

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