Flockers on Noggin


Note: I’m cross-posting this from my Flock blog. We sometimes call our staff and users flockers. I post here for the obvious relevance to Lennie, and I offer this explanatory note because I refer to her in more distanced than usual terms like “my daughter.” Without further ado…

Huh? My daughter woke up at 4:30 this morning, and I was treated to very early morning TV. We often tune in to a station called Noggin that’s got some really great shows (take that, Barney). I like PBS and all, but it doesn’t hold half a candle to Noggin. I usually get my daughter up around 8:00 or 8:30, and we’ll tune in to Max and Ruby or Little Bear (I like Noggin, but both of these shows annoy me) while we eat some breakfast, take our Flintstones vitamins together, etc.  Noggin only runs from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., so we had to entertain ourselves for the first hour-and-a-half this morning (during which time mostly I lay in a daze on the couch while my daughter piled toys on me). When the cartoons started rolling, I was treated to a new (to me) show called Tiny Planets (review). The basic premise is that two fluffy white aliens fly around on their fluffy white couch to various planets in their area. One is the planet of light and color; another is a music planet; another is a nature planet; I think there are six in all. As they catapult around (literally — their couch is slung from their home base by a huge catapult attached to a cord by which they’re ultimately reeled back in) to the various planets, they experience various adventures and misadventures that afford them ample opportunity to try to use critical thinking skills to get out of the jams they find themselves in. It’s a neat little show, a CGI cartoon that’s wacky and strange, but fun.

A couple of times, as they were sling-shotting through space, they passed an asteroid on which three creatures were running around (that is, they were running in place with the asteroid spinning under their feet). The first time the narrator pointed them out, I wasn’t sure what she called them. The next time, I thought it sounded vaguely like “flockers.” And then a third time, in reference to similar creatures on one of the planets, I was pretty sure that’s what they were called. And sure enough, when I looked it up, I learned that these critters are called flockers. They’re described in an epinions review of the show as “a bird-like alien whose intelligence can best be described as ‘dim.'” Luckily, our own flockers far outpace these guys. 🙂

So, there’s not much of real relevance to Flock here, but this was a fun little discovery. If you’ve got kids and are fed up with Barney and the other usual suspects, check out the Noggin web site and consider queuing Tiny Planets up in your TiVo if you’re not game for an early morning with your little ones.

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