Pea Chair

A couple of weeks ago, Lennie started resisting her car seat very strenuously. As in it was sometimes very hard to force her into it if both of us weren’t involved, and even then, we were very sincerely worried that we were hurting her a little as we forced her into it. Naturally, we had tried various enticements and briberies in an effort to seat her more peacefully. Finally, M hit on just the thing. Lennie loves Just Peas, and they’ve turned out to be the precise enticement we needed. As we approach the car now, we begin playing up the pea seat (or pea chair), which, from the way we sell it, is just about the most exciting thing one could possibly plant her butt in. More often than not, especially as we’re leaving the house, Lennie will agree to sit down in her seat without a struggle in exchange for a little cup of peas, which we usually wind up replenishing several times during whatever trip we’re on.

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