Baby Shower

Lennie has discovered the shower. I’ve bathed her in there with me a few times over the last year or so, usually because M had already bathed or just wanted a rare bath by herself, and it’s never been a big deal. I’ve always held her in my arms to bathe her. She’s lately demonstrated a more pronounced interest in the shower. When Ella’s over for a visit, the two of them will run into the (non-showering) shower, and M will sometimes lift the curtain up so that they can run in and out unimpeded.

The other day, Lennie seemed to want to stand up on her own in the shower, and I let her, and it was fine. I gave her some soap and let her wash her belly, and then I put some soap on my leg and asked her to help wash my leg since she was down there anyway. I picked her up to do the finishing touches and take care of her hair, but it was by all accounts mostly a normal shower for her.

Last night, it wasn’t my intention to shower with her (she had already had a bath), but she was hovering around the shower as I prepared to hop in, and since she was between outfits and wearing only a diaper anyway, I stripped her down and let her run in there. She was startled when I turned the water on, but she stuck it out and just sort of played in the shower while I bathed. She’d cry out “Daddy Shower, Yay!” (who knew I was that dirty?) and sort of stomp her feet or crouch over the drain. Later, after I was long done with my shower and she was still standing there dripping wet, she peed in the drain to much praise from M and me. Hey, diapers aren’t cheap. Next, I think I’ll see how she manages with an old jelly jar.

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