More on Cheney

In this Washington Post article about Cheney’s hunting accident, I happened to see the pictured ad for a Slate editorial on the subject. The world is finally starting to catch on to some of my brilliant observations.

Marginally more seriously, I do tend to wonder how big an issue some of this is. Yes, it stinks that Cheney shot his friend, but is the whole disclosure thing really that big a deal? I mean, of course it needs to be disclosed that Cheney shot somebody, but who really cares whether it was reported by his friend or by him? This seems only tangentially related to the general air of secrecy surrounding the current administration. I can’t help thinking some of the mainstream media (to use a politically charged right-wing buzz word) is blowing this out of proportion. On the other hand, plenty of right wingers are being reactionary and characteristically judgmental as well. Fanaticism and irrationality cut both ways, I guess.

So I just ran across another article that voices an outcry that Cheney should come forward about the shooting. WTF? It’s not like there’s a shroud of mystery around what happened. Do we really need to hear him publicly say that he feels bad about shooting his friend? Of course he feels bad about it, to the extent that a cyborg can feel bad. I’m as opposed to this administration’s politics as anybody, but let’s not let that bleed into our evaluation of the man’s basic humanity. Well, let’s do so where it’s appropriate. Some of his policies seem sort of inhumane from some perspectives, though his supporters would probably argue that sometimes torture, abridgments of rights, and other things this administration has embraced may represent sad means to necessary ends. But let’s not jump on the guy for not coming forward and making some politically expedient speech about how sad he is to have shot his friend in the face when of fucking course he feels bad about it. Geez.

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