Flock has Flown

I’m moving my Flock entries to another blog for two reasons. One is that most of the people who care enough about me to read this blog don’t really care about all the things I’m going to be writing about Flock in the future. Or to be more precise, they’re interested in Flock in the passing way that one is interested in what an acquaintance or loved-one is doing to earn his living, but they don’t really want — and I can’t blame them — to see three blog posts a day about what’s going on in the Flock community. And as I’ve just switched roles at Flock, leading our community initiative and leaving browser development more or less behind (I hope, as this sort of development was never especially fun for me), there will be a lot more of those posts. The other reason I’m moving those to another blog is that people in the Flock community don’t necessarily want to read about my weight loss (when I last weighed in, I was down 33 pounds from when I started) or my baby. So writing in two places makes pretty good sense. And that’s that.

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