This is what I do

People I know seem not really to know what I do for a living. They know it has to do with computers, and most of them know I’m working on
software, and many know that I’m doing something with browser software. In a nutshell, here’s what my company does:

Flock hopes to turn the browser into a dashboard for collaborating, blogging, sharing photos, reveling in a raft of other group activities that have recently caught fire online (see BW, 9/26/05, “It’s a Whole New Web”).

Flock, the New Browser on the Block

So far, based on my dogfeeding our software last night and this morning, we’re well on the way to success. I’m blogging manically lately, I guess. What we’re doing is exciting, and it’s good to have something techy to blog about, plus it’s cool to use the tool I’ve helped create to blog about said tool. My apologies (to both of my readers) for all the redundancy lately.

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