Don't Be Evil

From “Gates on Google: What, me Worry?” at via Anil Dash:

Q: So that would be the philosophical difference between Microsoft and what Google is up to at this point?

Gates: Well, we don’t know everything they are up to, but we do know their slogan and we disagree with that.

Google’s slogan is “Don’t be evil.”

Update courtesy of Mike, who sent me the following eye-opening email:

You don’t allow comments so I can post my flame bait +5 post on your
gates/google blog =p.

Right above that quote gates said:

“In fact, they have this slogan that they are going to organize the world’s information. Our slogan is that we are going to give people tools to let them organize the world’s information.”

You could always switch it out with the memory quote, lol.

Thanks, Mike! That’s what I get for delighting in the humor of the quote without having full context.

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