Date Night

Had our first real date in about a year last night. Six or seven months ago, we went out for dinner and sat there nervously talking about how the baby was probably doing. We were better about letting go last night. Went out to dinner at the Bonefish grill, which was excellent seafood, if a little pricey. Then we headed over to the mall to watch Episode III, which was much better than probably any of the other movies in the whole series, though it had its warts (like the fact that it took 30 minutes to tie up loose ends when I was already pretty much aware of how the loose ends were going to be tied up and was ready to leave).

We left Lennie with Abbey, Ashley, and Fleda (that’s alphabetical order, notice, and not necessarily [but not necessarily not] an expression of order of preference), and when we got home, they were nowhere to be found. Shortly after we checked all the rooms in the house (figuring they had heard us drive up and were playing a little joke on us), we saw them walking up the street with Lennie zonked out in the stroller. She had been fine all night, and they took her on a walk to help put her to sleep. She continued to sleep for another hour or so, and when she woke up, we went ahead and took her to bed to put her back asleep.

And that was that, date night over, a pretty big success.

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