Light, Kitty Cat

So today I’m locked up in the office working, and in comes M and asks if I have any idea what my baby just did. “Crapped her pants,” I think? Ah, but that’s an every day occurrence (except that she’s actually been crapping on the potty every morning lately, so maybe I’m being unfair to her) and M was awfully excited, so it had to be something good. Turns out she said “light.” They were in the bathroom flicking the lights off and on, and Lennie apparently blurted out “light” after M did one time.

Later, Lennie and I were hanging out in the bathroom, probably playing with the lights to see if I could entice her to speak again, and the cat was hovering around the sink because he’s finicky and likes to drink running water, and she said something that sounded sort of like “Kitty Cat” (which is what we call the cat when talking to her, though we call him devilspawn out of her hearing because he’s pretty evil). She might just have been jonesing for a Kit Kat Bar, but I’m rather inclined to think she’s about to just have a language explosion.

Add to that the fact that she, in just the last week or so, has become about as mobile as one can become without actually walking or crawling and we’ve got a bona fide kid on our hands. More on her mode of transportation. She now gets on all fours with her butt way up in the air. It’s like she’s really good at touching her toes or something. She’ll scoot around on her butt or crawl backwards as far as she can go in one direction. Then she’ll do this butt in the air maneuver and rotate so that she’s aimed in another direction, and she takes off again. For quite a while this evening, she just lunged around all over the big open spot in the living room until she became frustrated. I sort of figured she was worked up because she has this new mobility but nothing really satisfying to do with it. It’s like getting a new car but having nowhere to go.

We head to New York on Wednesday to visit our new niece, and I figure that by the time we get back, we’ll have a walking, talking baby.

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