Lennie Update

Some things Lennie does now:

  • (At last!) Opens her mouth like a baby bird for food (not usually food spat from our mouths, though). She hasn’t really been a big eater to date. Well, she’s a big eater because she’s a big girl, but she prefers the magic boobies to solid or even liquefied table food. But she’s finally started to get the hang of it and will open up for pears, at least.
  • She doesn’t crawl yet, but she’ll sometimes get on all fours, most often in something close to the “up” position of a pushup, but with her butt all up in the air (the P.E. teacher would not be pleased). And she’s got a scooting radius of a yard or so, so she can definitely get around a little.
  • She holds things between her thumb and one or two fingers. This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it is. She’s been doing it for a while.
  • Associates splashing with water. That sounds dumb, I know, so let me explain. She and M do a Wednesday swim class at which her primary activity (Lennie’s) is to intentionally splash the water. Babies naturally accidentally splash when they’re in the tub, but when she was in there the other day, she was splashing as if with intent, and it seemed pretty clear to me that she was thinking something like “hey, I’m in this wet stuff, and I smack the water with my hand when I’m in this wet stuff.”
  • Eats apples, carrots, and deli chicken. She really just sort of holds the chunks of apple and carrot we give her, shaving off little bits with her two bottom teeth. Giving her these little morsels has proven a handy way of getting through our own dinner without having to appease her or hold her.

There’s lots of other stuff, I’m sure. These’re just some of the highlights I wanted to capture before I forgot the general timeframe they occurred within.

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