How Fast is Your Browser?

Want to optimize your browsing experience? Check out this pretty comprehensive set of browser speed tests targeting all of the major browsers and some minor ones on Linux, Mac, and PC. If you’re not into reading the tech specs and methodology, scroll down to the bottom for the conclusions. It turns out that Opera is a pretty darned fast browser. Although the author concludes that Mozilla and Firefox are optimized for Linux, it seems to me that Opera wins almost across the board, especially on Windows. Of course, Firefox is free, easily extended, and simple out of the box, so it’s still my browser of choice.

Incidentally, Firefox netted 25 million downloads in 100 days. About 110 days ago, when we on the Spread Firefox crew were trying to project a reasonable download count for 100 days, we landed on 10 million. Similarly, the NY Times campaign wound up raising something like six times what some of us thought we could reasonably expect. It’s amazing how many extra miles the Firefox community keeps going.

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