New Job

So I’m changing jobs. I’ve worked for almost two years at The InSite Group, where I produced intranet and extranet applications that facilitated the management of image and sign projects. If you see a new bright green Radisson sign going up somewhere, my code helped bid the project out, make sure deadlines were met, make sure all vendors (including my company) got paid, etc. The same goes for any number of other pretty major brands regionally and nationally. It was a good job, and I really enjoyed it a lot.

A few months ago, I started doing some volunteer work for the Mozilla Foundation and wound up becoming one of the fearless admins of the Spread Firefox initiative. One of my main contacts for that was Bart Decrem, who later left MoFo to start his own company. He asked me to do some contract work for him, and ultimately he offered me a job with his company. After some haggling, it turned out to be an offer I couldn’t refuse.

So effective Feb. 2, I’ll be working as a Web Services Architect for the new company, operating out of my home office and embarking on what we think will be new territory for the Web at large. It should be fun, educational (as was the sfx experience), and perhaps a bit hair-raising. Wish me luck.

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