Lennie's Weeks in Review

The last couple of weeks have been pretty active for Lennie. She’s done the following:

  • Met her new cousin Kate.
  • Met her great grandmother.
  • Had her first bad cold.
  • Crossed the 20-pound mark.
  • Rolled over.
  • Started sitting up more or less on her own.
  • Started babbling a lot more and added words like “mama” and “dada” to her unintentional vocabulary.

Now for some quick details.

I got sick with a bad cold just before we went to visit Mom and Dad (which was also the occasion on which she met Kate and my grandmother). While we were there, Lennie caught my cold, or somebody’s cold. She’s still pretty pitiful, hoarse and stopped up. She had fevers for a couple of nights and just generally broke our hearts with all her snuffling and barely-audible crying. So we took her to the doctor, where she weighed in at just over 20 pounds. M had guessed she’d weigh 20.5, and I had guessed she’d cross 22, probably because I had carried her a lot lately and she was feeling mighty heavy.

While we were there, she also had some good long stretches of sitting up by herself and playing. We always keep somebody close at hand to catch her if she falls backward, but she’s well on her way to being able to sit in the floor and rummage through her toys virtually unsupervised. She also had a babbling explosion while we were there. She had been working a lot on her “b” sounds prior to the visit, but she took off with several other sounds and was a real chatterbox in spite of being sick, saying things like “mama” and “dada.” She doesn’t know what she’s saying yet, but we’re sure encouraging these phrases by giving her lots of positive feedback when she says them.

Before our visit, she had already rolled over from her stomach to her back twice (once on video). She rolled over something like four more times yesterday.

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