That Darned Liberal Media

The American Humanist Association has sent out an action alert asking those interested in human rights to urge CBS and NBC to reverse their censorship of a United Church of Christ advertisement. The ad, which can be viewed at the UCC Web site, depicts a gay couple being turned away from the church as other, heterosexual, couples are allowed to enter. The networks have censored the ads on the basis that they’re “too controversial.” The AHA gives the following background:

Rev. Robert Chase, director of the UCC’s communication ministry stated in response to NBC and CBS’s refusal to air the advertisement, “We find it disturbing that the networks in question seem to have no problem exploiting gay persons through mindless comedies or titillating dramas, but when it comes to a church’s loving welcome of committed gay couples, that’s where they draw the line.”

In a written explanation from CBS, the advertisement was considered inappropriate because “the Executive Branch has recently proposed a Constitutional Amendment to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman.” NBC deemed the advertisement “too controversial” and declined to air it.

As the Federal Marriage Amendment failed to pass in both the Senate and House of Representatives, CBS shows partisanship toward the Bush administration and those who support the Federal Marriage Amendment. Furthermore, the FMA prioritizes certain religious beliefs over others and over those without religion.

This follows on the heels of the pre-election move by Sinclair Broadcasting Group, which owns the largest group of television stations in the nation, to air an anti-Kerry film. Sinclair owns stations affiliated with all of the major networks, including 20 with FOX, 19 with the WB, eight with ABC, six with UPN, four with NBC, and three with CBS (source).

As long as this homo-loving, baby-aborting, Jesus-trashing, old-lady-bullying liberal media’s in charge of the world, there’s simply no hope for anybody in possession of a modicum of common sense and compassionate conservatism who wishes only to keep our sex missionary, our babies plentiful and impoverished, our religion fundamental, and our old ladies safe.

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