First Food

Lennie had her first food for Thanksgiving. You should have seen what she did to that turkey. Um, no. And actually, it was two days before Thanksgiving, when we had the big meal with M’s family. We mashed up some banana and fed it to her. She didn’t really take to the spoon, but she was all for sucking it off M’s fingers. It turns out that bananas bind Lennie up a little. She usually craps several times a day, but it was late the next evening before she produced anything. And when she did produce something, it was laced with the little brownish banana fibers you can see in banana bread. We’ve given her bananas another time or two, and last night, she had her first rice cereal. She’s getting better with the spoon and has discovered the joys of spitting food out onto her little tray and smearing it all around with her hands. Needless to say, she eats stripped down to her diaper.

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