Lennie's Throne

Last night, we were going to take a quick trip to the library. Lennie’s started wearing cloth diapers stuffed with all sorts of absorbent fabric that call to my mind the old joke about a guy trying to impress chicks by stuffing a potato down his pants, and they add just enough extra padding that her infant seat’s too small. Trying to put her in it for the last couple of weeks has been like trying to cram yourself into jeans that are a bit too small (something else I’ve become re-familiar with of late). When we tried to put her in the seat last night with what was apparently an absurdly padded diaper, she just wouldn’t go. I spent 45 minutes tugging and tangling the straps on her seat to try to get an extra inch out of them, but they were at their maximum length. So we put a streamlined disposable diaper on her, jammed her into the seat (it was still a pretty tight squeeze that I felt pretty bad about), and went out to buy a new seat for her.

It’s not the top-dollar seat, but boy is it a nice one. Would that my driver’s seat were as well-appointed. She’s got a cup-holder and memory foam, with lots of comfy padding. She sits a little more upright in this seat, which is big enough that I’ve had to push my seat forward a little bit to accommodate it. It’s a veritable throne from which she presides slobberingly over her queendom of toys and (our) discarded fast food containers.

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