Thunderbird and Multiple SMTP Servers

I use my laptop both at home and at work. I choose not to send personal mail at work using my employer’s SMTP server. Call me suspicious or secretive. Until recently, I was able to use my SMTP server for this domain to send mail from both home and work without having to change any settings. But my broadband provider at home recently started blocking SMTP traffic to servers not on their network. Which means I have to have two SMTP servers. Which means that every time I go home and try to send a message, I get an error message saying that I can’t connect to the SMTP server. Likewise, when I get to work and try to send my first message of the day, I get a similar message. Which irritates me a great deal because each time this happens, I mutter under my breath about my stupid (not really stupid — what they’ve done actually makes sense) broadband provider and do the five or six clicks and 80 or 90 characters I have to type to change my SMTP server. Finally, after a few weeks of being on the verge of going postal thanks to this really quite minor inconvenience, I looked for a solution. If you’re having the same problem, go here for an explanation of how to set up multiple SMTP servers and here for a nifty Thunderbird plugin that lets you add a button to toggle back and forth between mail servers. This’ll save me mucho frustration and grants those inclined to use the post offices or to walk around underneath bell towers in my area that much more safety. For now.

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