Alphabet Soup

Extracted from a developer forum, this little inadvertent quatrain has it all, from a sort of “In the beginning” to questions of epistemology and even, debatably, a sort of theology.

It began, and MYSQL was installed with RPM.
How does it at first, and make contact?
How does it know that MYSQL moves?Teach.
Incidentally, the server being used is LINUX6.1.

In other malapropism news, check out this Slate piece on some Bush family dirt as told by Kitty Kelley, in which we learn that while the young Bush apparently knew how to open the thesaurus, he did not know how to keep his finger on the word he was trying to use so that he didn’t confuse it with another vaguely similar word. Not “lacrimae,” but “lacerates” ran down his cheeks when, as an Andover student, he wrote an essay about the death of his sister. Sometimes the small words are better, even when you know what the bigger words mean.

Incidentally, many will no doubt cackle at how evil the Bush family is after reading that piece. Some of the things mentioned are pretty bad, but we all do questionable things and say dirty words and overindulge. So I can’t really get on board with deriding the Bushes for a lot of this stuff, though some of it does seem (if true) to be pretty damning. I’m trying not to cast the first stone, though, as I may not be qualified to do so.

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