Amazon Wishlist Plugin Updated

Tomi Junnila was kind enough to submit two edits to the Amazon Wishlist plugin. They include the ability to search non-US Amazon stores and an enhancement to the way multiple pages of results are fetched. (Formerly, it had been one page or all pages, with a request sent per batch of ten. So if you had 600 items in your wish list, you were sending 60 requests in order to print a single random item. Tomi’s change allows you to specify the number of pages of results to return, affording you more than the default ten results without blackholing you into request hell. Thanks, Tomi!

Download from the usual link in the nav bar.

17 thoughts on “Amazon Wishlist Plugin Updated

  1. I’d just like to comment, as for the “dev token”, as I was really confused until I took it upon myself to read up on the Amazon Developer website. It seems they have renamed it to ‘Subscription ID’, with the migration of AWS 4.0

    You might want to change this, or make comments about this in the plugin.

    You can find more information about this at the following link, on the AWS forums:

  2. Amazon Wishlist Plugin
    Two Ells Amazon Wishlist Plugin is pretty cool. If you look over to the right and scroll down, you’ll see a random item from my wishlist at Amazon. Even if you aren’t going to buy it for me (and you really should), it’s just a way to get to know me…

  3. I was having some trouble with your plugin on version 1.5.2004-01-04. The dashboard uses magpie rss. Your plugin uses snoopy. The two libraries have some functions with the same name. Any ideas how to work around this?

  4. (Hope you don’t feel like I’m spamming:)

    Okay, Magpie is a patched version of Snoopy. I don’t know how much of Magpie is present in the stock 1.5. If any. I tried a few things:

    Attempt A:

    1. remove the snoopy code at the end of your plugin
    2. load page; it doesn’t work. Can’t find the command (snoopy??)

    Attempt B:

    1. remove snoopy code from your plugin.
    2. activate and call gallery-rss from my index.php; everything works (but I had a minor error. Seems like Amazon couldn’t find the image I was trying to load. I waited to do further testing at this point. IOW, i don’t know if the dashboard loaded. But I did find that it seems like the functionality amazon-wishlist needs is found in an install of magpie.) So it seems like a ‘require’ line is needed in your plugin to be 100%??

    wp_install_directoy/wp-includes/class-snoopy.php seems to be the file to look at.

    I’m going to check with the author of the other plugin and see if it really needs an external install of magpie.

  5. I got it. Fixed the problem I was having with the magpie problems. The following worked for me, should work for others:

    1. Delete the entire section starting with:

    Snoopy – the PHP net client

    2. Insert the following line (I put it somewhere after the ‘do not edit after this line’ area:)
    require ('wp-includes/class-snoopy.php');

    Now I have both the wishlist and the dashboard works correctly. Even better, I’m going to start working on getting that other thing working that I talked about before.

    (Ain’t insomnia grand?)

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