I know a Weenie Man

    The Weenie Man Song

I know a weenie man.
He owns a weenie stand.
He sells most anything from hot dogs on down.
Someday I’ll change his life.
I’ll be his weenie wife.
Hot dog, I love that weenie man.

This is Lennie’s favorite song. I’d never heard it before I bought a collection of children’s songs, but now we sing it all the time. She definitely responds to it by smiling and generally lighting up around the third line.

I like to make up alternate versions such as:

I know a daddy man.
He owns a piece of land.
He makes most anything from websites on down.
One day I changed his life.
I became that daddy’s wife.
Hot dog, I love that daddy man.

I find that just starting the song by knowing a daddy man and letting the rest just come to me results in the most fun, though.

Other favorites are “Apples and Bananas” and the original creation “Who’s the Pretty Baby?” (Lennie Lou, that’s who!)

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