Amazon Wishlist Updated

A user reported that the Amazon Wishlist plugin wasn’t returning results from any but the first ten books on her list. Sure enough, I checked, and Amazon’s API returns only ten results at a time. So I’ve extended the functionality. You can now set an option that tells the code whether to check the whole list or whether to check just the first ten books. In order to check beyond the first ten results, multiple requests have to be made. So if your list is 50 pages long (500 books), that’s 50 requests that have to be made to the Amazon Web service in order to display one random book on your site. If you’ve got a lot of books, you might want to opt for selecting from the short list, which I believe will usually represent your most recent additions. In any case, the additional option you can change is at the bottom of all the other variables you can set near the top of the script and looks like this:

$aw_search_all = 0; //Set to 1 to return all wishlist results rather than first 10 (requires additional requests, so longer processing)

It’s set to 0 by default, just to be safe.

I’ve also updated a bug that was causing an occasional error when the author block was being displayed. You’ll definitely want to download the new version (same location as the old version) to get this fixed or you’ll have “invalid argument passed to foreach” errors displayed sporadically on your page.

The next planned update is to allow you to display your book anywhere on the page. Currently, I just piggyback it on top of the category listing. No telling when I’ll get to that update. If there’s any demand, I may also add code that allows you to set a page threshold so that if you have 500 books on your list but want to display from more than the first 10 (but not all 500), you can set a maximum number of requests.

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