Endometritis Schmendometritis

On June 27, we left the hospital after delivering a beautiful baby girl by C-section on the 24th. Recovery was going well for M, and the baby’s just great. On July 11, M had a fever hovering between 102 and 103 in addition to some aches and pains and other unmentionable signs of something gone awry. She called her obstretrician, who sent us to the emergency room. Turns out she’s got an infected uterus. Or so says one doctor. A nurse says she doesn’t think that’s the case, given that infected uteruses (uteri?) tend to give off an odor pungent enough that it can be smelled in the hallway when patients’ doors are opened. And M is giving off no such odor. And then there’s the lower back pain. Sounds more like a kidney infection. At any rate, on top of an unexpected extended stay at a nice hospital for the delivery almost three weeks ago, we’re now in a grungier hospital for a minimum of two days while they drip antibiotics into her. I’m missing more work because she can’t be alone with the baby (hospital rules), who, fortunately, is allowed to stay with us in the room. Because M’s in no pain and because my vacation/sick time is dwindling rapidly and one of her sisters is available to babysit, I’m working a half-day today and may do so tomorrow if we can find another sibling to spend part of the day with M and Lennie.

2 thoughts on “Endometritis Schmendometritis

  1. Kim says:

    I hope the doctors figure out what is causing the infection and M gets better soon. Thinking about you all. Wish I was there to help.



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