I got this growler a few months ago for “free” when signing up as a member of the Brewmaster’s club (basically I pay a monthly fee and then try to drink enough beer to get my money back) at my local Casual Pint. It’s billed as a $40 value, and it looks like a sort of scepter, so it certainly appears to be at least a $40 value. I feel a little silly and ostentatious carrying the thing around, but boy does it keep my beer fresh. I can pour a glass from it and clamp the lid down and leave it for a couple of days (though that’s a rare occurrence) and it just about bursts open with pressure when I unclamp it again. Every other growler I’ve had loses pressure after the first open and leaves me feeling like I’m racing against the clock to drink the beer before it loses its head. So, silly as it looks and as much room as it takes up in my fridge (the growler itself and not just its big fancy handle is a lot bigger than your typical growler), I’ve sure liked this one.

I got another for Christmas that’s much more streamlined, a vacuum thingy that purportedly keeps things at temperature for a day or so, and I’m looking forward to giving it a proper test drive too.

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